World's first application to show Masjid Salah (jamaat) times.

Presently available in Gujarat (India) & New Zealand.

App UI


Masjid Search by Area & Distance

All the Masjids can be listed as per their city of location. Choose either a city or use ‘Nearby Masjids’ feature to get the list of Masjids.

Masjid Details

Check Salah Timings, address & accurate location of Masjids by selecting it. Suggest correct Salah time of any masjid if it is incorrect.

Favorite Masjids

Add frequently visited Masjids into your ‘Favorite Masjids’ list & get notified for any Salah time changes.


Get Suhur / Iftaar / Salah time details according to your location.

Qibla (Compass)

Find the correct direction for Prayer anywhere in the world.

Lectures / Sermons (Bayaan)

Find Weekly / Jumuah and other occasional Lectures (bayaan) in your cities. Know about the speaker, location, Timing, etc.


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About Us

Awqat e Salah Application is a Non-profit initiative by a few young men of Surat from different professional backgrounds. The application presently covers all the Masjids of Gujarat (India) and New Zealand. If any individual or a firm wants to help in establishing this service in their city or town we will be pleased to do so. The aim is to use technology for the betterment of the society in the life here and hereafter. If any individual or a firm has any such idea or initiative, we would be more than happy to help in an appropriate manner.

Terms & Condition

1. Salah times updated on this application are provided by the "administrators" of different masjids. 2. Whilst the utmost care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the content/information provided in the application, the creators of this application do not guarantee the accuracy of any details provided in the application. 3. The creator shall not be held responsible (in the court of law) for any grievances or crisis of life or wealth or any sort due to the incorrect content/information or the lack thereof, whatsoever. 4. The Bayan Speakers listed in the application do not, necessarily, represent the views of the Creators. User's Discretion is required. 5. Copying of any data or graphics or logo from the application in any form is not permitted unless written permission is granted doing so. 6. Users of this application agree to abide by Terms of Services & Privacy Policy of all third APIs/Service providers employed in this application including but not limited to Google LLC. 7. In case of any dispute, the creators' decision will be final. 8. Subject to Surat jurisdiction only.

Privacy Policy

1. The data collected in form of user credentials is kept under complete privacy. 2. No part of the data is shared with any third party for whatsoever purpose. 3. The Creators of this application have taken atmost care in terms of user privacy. If anyone hacks into the system and leaks the user credentials, the creators are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY GRIEVANCES whatsoever. 4. Any act of sabotage or unintentional theft by a firm or individual will be liable to be prosecuted in the court of law in the Union of India. Subject to Surat jurisdiction. To delete your profile or data, you have two options: Through the App: 1. Navigate to the Side Menu. 2. Go to Accounts → Profile. 3. Click on "Delete Account." Via Email: Send a request to Please note that deleting your account or data may result in permanent loss of information associated with your profile.

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